This is Scott Kennedy, President of FarmaSea Inc. (since 1999). Promoting Sea Veg, since 1983. If you want to continue taking my FarmaSea Blend of Sea Plants DO NOT BUY THE KNOCK-OFF IMITATION SUPPLEMENT AT FARMASEA.COM! They do not have my FARMASEA BLEND IN THE CAPSULES, which you have taken for years. THEY HAVE NO ACCESS TO IT. THEY LIE TO YOU. I am building a site to expose them all. CALL 866-SEA-VEGG (732-8344) EXTENSION #4. You will be hearing more from us. We will take the imitation sea veg back and replace it, plus a free bottle. Call for details.

We will be back online soon!.

Thank you for your patience! written by Scott Kennedy 5.31.15