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  Sea Veg® Jonah Chewables 90 Ct.

Price: $29.95

Product Code: SVJCH

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FarmaSea® is proud to release its first Chewable dietary FOOD supplement called Sea Veg® Jonah; For All Ages! In an environment where fast food and mainstream supplements are nothing short of questionable, and when kids of all ages don’t like swallowing capsules, our NEW Sea Veg® Jonah Chewable is here to help! Kids and parents today are struggling with processed foods, time constraints, and subtle malnutrition. FarmaSea® Health is determined to bring a safe, toxin-free, natural Chewable supplement to children (and adults), who have difficulty swallowing our vegetable capsules (or would just rather eat their Sea Veg® in a Chewable tablet).

There is no toxic dosage of our Sea Veg® Jonah. 1-3 Chew’s a day for children less than 80 pounds will provide hundreds of naturally occurring and bio-available nutrients. All the Vitamin D in our Sea Veg Chewable is naturally occurring in our FarmaSea® Blend of Sea Plants, as are the minerals, vitamins and phyto-chemicals. This natural supplement will change the health of whoever chews these tasty treats every day, despite what their daily diet may or may not bring.

FarmaSea® has already had numerous children on the wildly popular Sea Veg® and with great results in health improvements. These Chew’s are tested just as all our supplements are, for micro-biology and heavy metals. We have yet to experience an adverse reaction or even a claim on our two million dollar liability policy, in 11 years. These work, are safe and taste great!

We have seen phenomenal and immediate results in children’s health and wellness when their parents gave them Sea Veg® every day, and so we decided to make a Chewable with the natural sweeteners, Xylitol (from birch bark and dentists say; good for the teeth), and Stevia (from leaves). Each Chewable has our whole powdered FarmaSea® Blend of Sea plants present, and the kids like the taste! It is important to note; Children are consuming increased amounts of potassium iodide in their salty foods, at school and from the salt shaker. This is known to cause hypo (slow) thyroid. Asian children on the other hand, consume vegetable iodine such as is found in all our Sea Veg® products. This is a rare, yet critical nutrient.

Vegetable iodine is extremely important to our kid’s brain development, cognitive ability, proper growth/weight and overall health, and their entire developing bodies! Experts agree that there are major deficiencies in this nutrient (vegetable iodine) alone, in our western food supply, and that the addition of this vegetable and necessary nutrient is crucial to your child’s health. Also crucial are the abundant minerals, vitamins, co-factors, amino acids and all the other phyto-chemicals, all found in vegetable form, in our supplements. These can change the health of you and your child, almost overnight. If you don’t like to swallow capsules try the Sea Veg® Jonah, Chewable! You’ll be glad you did! Eating Sea Veg IS Eating Right!®

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